52 Week Photo Challenge | Week 5

     For the Ten Shots Challenge, I decided to do a self portrait. The only thing I changed, was the lighting, between the shots while trying to do the same pose for each. These were all shot in front of a white background using just one to three studio strobes. I tried to get the background to go black in one of the shots, but it would've ate up all ten shots to achieve that look. So, I decided to scrape that idea and just keep playing with the lights.

So, here all ten images I took: 

For the most part I'm happy with these. I just wish I would've taken the time to fix my hair and actually edit. I basically just took these straight from camera with slight tweeks in Lightroom.


But now, it's on to the next challenge, which is; Candy. Seems easy, but it says I have to take a photo of candy without actually using candy, huh, that seems hard.

Well I look forward to hearing from you guys, so now it's on to the next one.